How to obtain your NemID

NemID is a digital signature used to log on to public websites, for online banking and many other digital services.


How to obtain NemID

You can obtain NemID through personal appearance at a citizen service centre (Borgerservice) or in your bank, once you have received your Yellow healthcare card. If you have a Danish passport or driver's license it is also possible to order NemID online.

When requesting your NemID at the citizen service centre, you must bring valid photo ID (e.g. passport or driver's license) as well as your yellow health care card. You will be issued one part of the NemId and the remaining part will be sent to you per post within approx. 2 weeks time.

In case you need the NemId asap you can in addition to valid Photo ID (e.g. passport or driver's license) and yellow health care card bring a person who already have a NemId that have been active for minimum 30 days, and you will be issued both part of you NemId asap. The person you bring can for example be a colleague, a boss, your partner or a friend with an active NemID. The accompanying person must bring valid photo ID (e.g. passport or drivers license) as well as their NemID card.

If you make an online banking agreement with your bank, you can obtain NemID via the bank, following the above procedure at your bank. For more information, please contact your bank.

If you need help, you are welcome to ask for guidance at one of the libraries, a Citizen Service Centre or from the us at Newcomer Service.


You must have NemID

You must log on with NemID when using one of the many digital self-service solutions or Digital Post. NemID is Denmark’s common log on solution for public self-service, online banking, etc.


NemID consists of:
• a User ID
• a Password
• a code card with codes (one-time codes).


The code card is a small laminated card, the size of a credit card, carrying printed
codes (one-time codes).


Possibility for exemption

If you are unable to use a digital self service solution, you may be exempted. This is possible, for example, if you have language difficulties or a disability. If you wish to be exempted from Digital Post, you must contact the citizen service centre (Borgerservice) or the authority responsible for the self-service solution, who will assess your request for exemption. You can apply for an exemption at the citizen service centre (Borgerservice) from mid-2014.

More about NemID

More about NemID

For further information on NemID visit the dedicated website.

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Contact Pia

Contact Pia

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