Moving in Denmark

If you change addresses within Denmark, it is your responsibility to inform the Civil Registration office within 5 days after you move. The address change can be completed online or through a Citizen Service Centre, and you will need to provide your moving date as well as your new and old addresses.


How to report change of address

Report change of address to the Citizen Service Centre in Esbjerg Municipality
If you change addresses within the Municipality of Esbjerg, or if you move to the Municipality of Esbjerg from another area, you will need to report your change of address to a local Citizen Service Centre.

You can notify a Citizen Service Centre of your change of address in two ways:
1. Change your address online at using NemID.


2. Visit a Citizen Service Centre in-person to register your new address.


When you change your address, you will also have the option to change your doctor.  If your new address is close to your former address, you can of course select to keep your current doctor.

Other things to remember

  • Remember to notify the companies that supply your heating, electricity, internet and phone, as well any other utility and service providers.
  • If you are a student with SU, remember to let the SU office know about your change in address.
  • If you receive a housing benefit, remember to re-apply with your new housing details.

Change address online

Change your address online at - remember to keep your NemID ready.

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