Leaving Denmark

When moving from Denmark to another country, you should be aware of the following actions which may be required in connection with your departure:


1. Unregister your address and Civil Registration at the Citizen Service Centre or at borger.dk no later than 5 days after you relocate.


2. SKAT should be notified. Contact SKAT in order to issue a statement of tax payment so that any outstanding tax credit can be reimbursed to your Nem account. Read more


3. Inform Post Danmark of your new address in order to have mail forwarded. This can be completed online at postdanmark.dk


4. Contact your pension company to learn about receiving your pension abroad.


5. Unregister your children from childcare, school, and so forth.


6. Remember to cancel utilities and other services such as electricity, gas, phone, TV and internet.


7. Remember to cancel your insurance with your insurance company.


8. Remember to terminate your housing lease with your landlord.


9. You can contact Feriekonto in order to ensure that you will have your remaining holiday leave paid out, in case it is not done automatically. Typically, your outstanding holiday pay will automatically be added to your Nem account when you are no longer registered in the Civil Registration System. Read more at Life in Denmark.


10. Remember to unregister your vehicle with SKAT & the Central Motor Registry. Unregistration from SKAT can be completed by filling out & submitting form 21.044to SKAT. When you Unregistration your vehicle from the Central Motor Registry, you must hand in your number plates. Find more information on this process at Life in Denmark.


11. Remember to close your bank account. Ask if it is possible to keep your Nem Account open for a period of time.


12. You must hand in your yellow healthcare card. You may also wish to request a statement of healthcare coverage for your period of residency in Denmark. Remember to contact your doctor and dentist to obtain copies of your medical records.