Danish tuition upon arrival

Danish tuition upon arrival

When you arrive in Denmark, you will be invited for Danish tuition of 6 modules by the municipality, an offer that can be used for a period of 5 years distributed with the help of a 42-month vouchers system.


You will receive an offer from the Jobcenter about Module Danish tuition within a month after your arrival where you will also get more information about how to start at the Language Center.


The module tuition will be given at the school AOF Job & Dansk and the module tuition is targeted both at oral and written Danish which is required by many potential future employers in Denmark. Also, the module tuition meets the criteria for admission to Studies in Danish and/or to apply for permanent residence.


How do I get started?

You need to contact Esbjerg Municipality as soon as possible. Please contact,

Carol Christiansen
+45 76 16 74 33



You will need to pay a deposit of DKK 2,000,00 before the lessons start. The deposit must be paid at the Language Center, where you also can get information regarding your refund of the deposit. If you are in Denmark as an Au Pair you do not need to pay the participant fee and deposit.


What does the Danish Language course involve?

You are entitled to Danish language instruction for a period of up to 5 years distributed with the help of a 42-month voucher system. The period in which the offer of instruction is valid is stated in the letter you will receive from the Jobcenter, regardless of whether you begin the course, or not.


You will usually need 2 modules of Start-up Danish before you can choose whether to proceed with module Tuition or instead to proceed with FVU Danish.  The tuition is either 3 days a week or 2 evenings a week. The municipality will for the first period of your stay cover most of the expenses for Danish Tuition at AOF Job & Dansk (contact Esbjerg Jobcenter for further information about the length of the period upon arrival to have most of the expenses covered for AOF Job & Dansk).


If you need defferal

Please note that if you would like to defer your start date /the voucher system, you must contact the language center or Carol Christiansen at Esbjerg Municipality to discuss your options and perhaps agree on anouther start date.

For further questions about the curriculum and teaching methods, please contact esbjerg@aofjobogdansk.dk.



Additional options for improving your Danish skills

The options below are for those who find writing or reading Danish difficult:


FVU Danish-reading

FVU meaning continuing adult education and is a common concept in Denmark with free classes. Several schools offer classes to improve skills for example to be prepared for studying. FVU is not Danish tuition, but for improving specific skills such as writing or reading in Danish. You will need to speak basic Danish prior to starting FVU Danish-reading. Basic level usually corresponds minimum to the first 2 modules of the municipality Danish Tuition (also known as level A2, 2.3 or waystage/threshold level) or to being able to speak Danish freely in a dialogue. You will need to take a valuation test in order to start FVU.



FVU Danish-reading at AOF

Contact AOF Job & Dansk to be screened for FVU Danish-reading at AOF and for enrollment at Maj-Britt Børgesen, Tel.: 76106350, esbjerg@aofjobogdansk.dk

or at https://aofsydjylland.onlinebooq.dk

Read more here: www.aof.dk


FVU Danish-reading at FOF

Contact FOF Esbjerg for enrolment or screening at

Tel: 75 12 38 05,  tilmelding@fof-vest.dk

or contact the Danish language instructor directly:

Mette Lykkedegn Tel: 51 78 69 27, ML@FOF-Vest.dk

Read more here: www.fof.dk/vestwww.fof.dk/vest > Sprog > Dansk


FVU Danish-reading at VUC

Contact VUC for enrolment or screening at




Free language cafés where you can practice your Danish

Language café at the Mentor Network

When: Saturdays, 10am - 2pm ( 10am: basic speakers, 12pm: beginners)
Where: 1st floor, Vindrosen, Exnersgade 4, 6700 Esbjerg


You do not need to register, simply show up and feel free to bring kids along.

You can read more about the language café at the Mentornetwork here: www.mentoresbjerg.dk


Language Café at the Cross Cultural Centre

When: Thursdays 3 pm. to 5 pm.

Where: Kvaglundparken 18, 6705 Kvaglund


You do not need to sign up for participation, simply show up to participate.

You can read more about the Language Café at the Cross Cultural Centre here: www.ftc-ribesstift.dk