Emergency Numbers

In case of accidents or life threatening situations  

Dial 112

In case of fire or rescue situations 

Dial +45 76 16 50 00

In case you need the police

Dial 114

In case you are hurt and need to go to the hospital (you must call in advance)

Dial +45 70 11 07 07

In case you need a medical practitioner outside opening hours

Dial +45 70 11 07 07

In the case of a non-urgent crime such as bicycle theft or property damage, an online reporting system is available from the Police.


After hours Care & Emergencies
Emergency Service Doctor

Have you fallen ill? — Then contact your local doctor.
If your local doctor’s office is closed, you can call the Emergency Service Doctor at 70 11 07 07.
You should only call the emergency service doctor if:

• You suffer from an acute illness outside your GP’s normal consulting hours
• Your condition cannot wait until you can contact your GP again. This also applies to prescription renewals

Have your personal identification number (CPR number) ready when you call, as this will speed up the process.

The Emergency Service Doctor will, depending on the situation:

  • make an appointment for you with the Emergency Service Doctor or make a house call

  • make an appointment for you with the emergency room/urgent care department

  • ask you to contact your local doctor

  • call 112

  • give you medical advice

Only call 112 in case of a life-threatening illness or injury.
For additional information about the emergency service doctor network, visit www.regionsyddanmark.dk/laegevagt (in Danish).

Emergency Room

70 11 07 07 is your number for the urgent care clinic and the emergency room.
If you get injured or become acutely ill outside the local doctor’s normal consulting hours, you must dial 70 11 07 07 before you go to the urgent care clinic or the emergency room.

(Source: Region of Southern Denmark, 2014)