About Digital Post

From November 1st, 2014, all residents (from the age of 15) with a Danish CPR-number will be assigned a digital mailbox called Digital Post to receive electronic communication from public authorities such as SKAT and the municipality. Residents are automatically assigned a Digital Post account unless they have applied for and been granted an exemption.


How to Register

If you are not a user of Digital Post already, you will need to take one of the following actions:


1. Sign up via e-Boks
When you register for e-Boks, which is the digital mailbox for authorities other than the municipality, you can also choose to activate and synchronize with Digital Post, and thereafter you can access your Digital Post from your e-Boks. e-Boks is available in both English and Danish.


2. Sign up at borger.dk
You can sign up for Digital Post at borger.dk using your NemID. Subsequently you can also log on to the mail box from borger.dk. Note that the Digital Post is currently only available in Danish.


3. Apply for exemption
If you are a non-Danish speaker and would like to avoid using the Digital Post mailbox, which for the time being is only available in Danish, you may apply for an exemption at your local Citizen Service Centre. Please bring your CPR-number and a valid ID.


Click here and find your local Citizen Service Center.


Why is it important to take action?

Residents are automatically assigned a Digital Post account; therefore it is your responsibility to register and regularly check your Digital Post.


Messages that are sent to your Digital Post may contain important or legally binding information, for example, details about benefits or services you receive from the municipality, so it is important that you register via borger.dk (in Danish) or eboks.dk, or apply for an exemption in a timely manner.


If you want to know more about Digital Post and what it means for you, visit Life in Denmark or contact your local Citizen Service Centre (borgerservice), where you can get help accessing your Digital Post or apply for an exemption.

Remember: If you choose to apply for an exemption, submission of the application and power of attorney must be made in person, and you will need to bring an ID, such as your health card.

Digital Post in eBoks

Digital Post in eBoks

Activate and synchronize with Digital Post to get all post in one place.

Visit eBoks.dk

Sign up at Borger.dk

Sign up for Digital Post at borger.dk using your NemID.

Visit borger.dk

Contact Pia

Contact Pia

Feel free to contact Pia Enemark, if you have any questions regarding Digital Post.


+45 2047 3206