EU/EEU cross border workers

The below guide takes you through the steps you need to take, when you start working in Denmark as a EU/EEU cross border worker. Check the green box for a list of the documents you need for the process.


1. Special Healthcare insurance card

  • The authority Udbetaling Danmark handles Special Healthcare Insurance for cross border workers.
    - A card can be requested online at if you use the application form called "Særligt sundhedskort".
    - For questions regarding the special healthcare cards please call Udbetaling Danmark at +45 70128081

2. Tax number

  • To get a tax number (also known as administrative CPR no) please download and submit the form “Foreign labour force” at

3. Bank account

  • You need a tax number prior to opening a bank account
  • Contact the bank where you wish to open an account.
4. NemID (digital signature)
  • Ask for NemID at your bank or at the Citizen Service Centre, Torvegade 74, 6700 Esbjerg
  • Make sure you only get one NemID
5. eBoks & Digital Post
  • You can sign up at by choosing Ny bruger / New User.
  • Make sure to click yes to activate and synchronize with Digital Post
  • When registered you can use eBoks in English at the website and/or as an app.
  • If you do not wish to receive post digitally, you can apply for exemption at the Citizen Service Centre. 

Needed documents

- Passport

- Contract of employment

- Home address

- Marriage certificate (if married)

- Civil registration no. (when obtained or if Nordic citizen)

- Healthcare card from your home country