Tobakken - The Old Tobacco Factory

You will find the old FDB tobacco factory at Gasværksgade. Here hundreds of thousands cheroots and cigarillos were manufactured six days of the week from 1901 and 1981.


The tobacco factory is still beaming with life today, but the homemade cheroots have been traded in for creative workshops and music. The place is now called Multihuset Tobaksfabrikken.


At Multihuset Tobaksfabrikken you will find many cultural activities that entertains, concerns and challenges all of those who still keeps the old tobacco factory alive after its death in 1981.


If you are looking for new creative experiences in Esbjerg City, you will find that Multihuset Tobaksfabrikken is for you. You will find three different places in the house.



Tobakken the music venue


At Tobakken there are many different concerts, performances and lectures. Even if you are a fussy music lover, you will find something to satisfy your taste. Rock, rap, pop music, jazz and many other music genres are all lined up in the online calendar.


There are also great experiences for you who loves lectures and acting performances at Tobakken. Everything you need to do is to buy a ticket.



The Creative Workshops


Artistic souls may want to go on an adventure at the creative workshops. Here you can paint, work with ceramics, do glassblowing and create textile printing. The workshops are open for the citizen in Esbjerg who is over the age of 15. You just need to be there in the opening hours.


There is no instructors at the workshops, so you have to handle them yourself, but if you want to learn more on how to use the workshops, you can sign up for an introduction night with other newcomers.


You need to know though, that the glass workshop have to have a workshop controller present at all times, before you can blow some new glasses for your kitchen cabinet.  



Konfus the youth club


Behind the red door, you will find Konfus the youth club. Here the youngsters of Esbjerg can meet up and have an air-hockey or a ping-pong match. They also have the opportunity to play pool.


Konfus also got a webcafé for the gamers and a recording studio for the musicians. After a long day of school, you can get together with your friends and relax at Konfus.


26 year olds and older visitors are also welcome at events in the evenings and afternoons. There are many great events at the youth club. Keep a look out in the calendar and find music, movies, magic shows and comedy shows at Konfus.

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