Søfarts- og Fiskeri museum

At Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet (fishing and shipping museum) in Esbjerg you are in for a treat, when you go around the museum and learn about the history of fishing in Denmark and oil rigs in the North Sea.


The museum first opened in 1962. At that time, the exhibitions were much different than they are today.




The Fiskeri- og Søfarts museum has a variety of different exhibitions for different interests. You will definitely learn something new no matter the age.


Go on a visit in the classic fishing exhibition and see the history of the Danes right before your eyes. Go back in time to the Middle Ages when Denmark was fishing herrings in Øresund and follow history up until today, when fishing equals sustainability.


Bring your children to the interactive oil rig at the museum, where you find information about the Danish offshore industry in the North Sea or go to the Wadden Sea pavilion, where you can catch a glimpse of the many birds living by the Wadden Sea.


At the museum, you also find a playground; it is located in the free-range exhibition.



Seals at the

The Fiskeri og Søfarts Museum has four seals living at the sealarium: Leo and Pebbles are spotted seals and Ramine and Else is grey seals.


Come and experience the four friendly seals, at their natural habitat in the water at catch a glimpse of them both above and under water in their pool.


If you really love seals, you might like to go to the dunes of the Wadden Sea. You can go right at the museum by going to the movie theater by the seals.


Go and watch the feeding of the seals every day at 11.00 and 14.30.



Pet a fish

When you Fiskeri- og Søfarts museum in Esbjerg, you can also meet the different types of fish who lives at the west coast. You find them at the salt-water aquarium.


In the middle of the aquarium, you find a low tank, where you can pet the sea creatures. Do not hold them up or you might be bitten.




Local produce at MS Smag

After a long and exiting day at the Søfarts og Fiskeri museum, you might feel the need for food. If so you can find a seat in the café MS Smag.


You are in for a treat. They promise first class food made by local produce. The kitchen is built in an open concept so you get to see your food being made at MS Smag.


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