Skibbroen is a stream harbor build around 700 A.D. and it is one of the oldest sights to see in Ribe. At the time, I was built; little ships with flat keels would deliver fresh supplies to Ribe by sailing up the stream.


The stream made sure, that the city of Ribe became a trade route and made it possible for the city to have a big marketplace with lots of foods and life.


In 700 A.D., Skibbroen looked different than it does today. The modern version we see today was created in the Middle Ages and but reminds us of an important time for global trading in Denmark.



A beautiful sight

Skibbroen is a beautiful sight to see. Go for a walk along the cobblestone and overlook the marshlands that surrounds the city.  Here cattle are grazing.


You will also find the old customs house and the old cathedral square nearby.



Skibbroens tree terrace  

At the backside of the old Kolvig Gård by Skibbroen, you will find a lovely view from the new tree terrace. You can access the terrace from the parking lot at Kolvig Gård.


Bring your family, a picnic basket and enjoy a lunch at the historic setting in the oldest city in Denmark – Ribe.


You might even find subtle hints of the history of Denmark on your journey.


Have a great trip!

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