Safari by the west coast

Visit the beautiful sights in nature by the west coast.


There are seals, birds and oysters amongst others in the nature reserve around the Wadden Sea, so pack your bags and go on a safari at the Wadden Sea to catch a glimpse of them all.



Seal safari

There is just as many – and maybe many more – seals by Fanø than permanent residents at the island.


Over 3000 spotted seals and gray seals live around the Wadden Sea by Fanø and Mandø.


You can find them at the big seal dune at Sønderho or just a short distance from the harbor at Nordby on Fanø. Here the seals often lie in the sun on the dunes at low tide.


Book a seal safari at Esbjerg or Fanø and sail out to find the home of the seals in the Wadden Sea.



Black sun

Twice of year, something very special is occurring at the marshlands surrounding Ribe. The sky is painted black with little migratory birds who gathers around Ribe Marshlands in huge flocks.


The starlings fly in giant flocks that is forming the phenomenon “black sun” above the forests of reeds.


You can experience the phenomenon of the black sun in spring and autumn.


Book a hiking trip to go and see the black sun for yourself at the Wadden Sea Centre.  



Oyster Safari

Take a trip to the end of the world, right in the middle of the Wadden Sea, where you can gather oysters for tonight’s dinner.


You can eat the oysters from October to April, and at the Wadden Sea Centre, you can book a tour with a guide, who will take you to the great mussel dunes in the middle of the Wadden Sea.


– don’t worry; you will be equipped with waders for the trip.



Bird watching at Fanø

Bird watchers can go to Fanø. Near the beach by Sønderho lays Sønderho Beach Lake where you can experience the native birds real close and up front.


From the bird observatory cut into the dune, you can watch the birds on the lake without them noticing.


–   and on the road to and from the lake, you can find buckthorn and glasswort for dinner.



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