Sædding beach

Sædding beach is located between two streams. The beach is with Hjerting beach the only beaches; you can visit, close to Esbjerg.


It is not allowed to swim in the sea at Sædding beach, but the place is definitely worth a visit anyway.


Many people go to the area for a run or to bicycle by the sea. There is a path for bicycles, runners and for people on a walk close by the sea away from the main road.


Bring your dog and your family and go for a walk along the beach, where you can find mussels, dip your toes in the water on hot summer days and watch the many seagulls and other birds that roams the area.


You can also experience the big ships that sails by towards Esbjerg harbor, and if you are lucky, then maybe, you will catch a glimpse of a seal head out in the ocean.


Tip: Go to Sædding beach by sunrise or sundown in good weather. It is very beautiful to see the sky turn orange and pink as the sun rises from or sinks into the sea.  


Man meets the sea

At Sædding strand you will also find four white giant men, that is scouting the sea. The sculptures name is: Man meets the sea - created by Svend Wiig Hansen.


The four white men is always starring towards Skallingen and the harbor of Esbjerg. They reminds us of man first encounter with nature.  


If you like art, you might like to experience this specific piece of inspiring sculpture. The sculpture is so big; you can go around and under the legs of the four white men with no problem.


By the sculpture you can also find picnic tables. Bring some food and get you lunch at the sea in great company where “Man meets the sea”.

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