Hjerting beach

It only takes a few minutes to get to the beach from Esbjerg.


Take the car and go by the big sculpture: Human by the sea. Keep going, and you will soon find yourself in the town of Hjerting. – a small town by the sea.  


If you want to get out of the city to go for a swim in the ocean, Hjerting is the place. Go to the town by car or by bike, there is a separate bicycle path the entire way.


Discover the town, where you will find many specialized boutiques and great food close to the seafront.  



The seafront

Hjerting has a 660 meters seafront by the city. Here you have a great view over Ho bay.


In summer, you can go for a swim at the beach. Bring your family on your next beach trip and keep the little ones busy with building a sand castle or playing a match on the beach volleyball court.


If you come early or get lucky, you can get one of the permanent hammocks at the beach. You can also jump in the water from the floating jetty at the beach.


If you get too hot by the summer sun, there is a small café with ice cream and soft ice by the seafront. The café is just one of many great options to go for an ice cream in Esbjerg Municipality.


At the end of the seafront, you will find a clubhouse for sailors and winter swimming.



Hjerting Beach Park

If you do not stop at the seafront, but continue on your journey through Hjerting you wind up at Hjerting Beach Park. Here you can go for a walk on the meandering path towards the sea.


In the evening, the park is very beautiful, because of the circular white lights that lights up the path in the dark.


Experience the big sculpture or take a break on the big benches in on sunny days in the park.

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