Fun on Ice

In Esbjerg Municipality, there are many opportunities to get on the ice all year round.


So if you love ice skating, then you should definitely keep reading.



Esbjerg Energy

The ice skating rinks in Esbjerg is home to the ice hockey team Esbjerg Energy, who won the Danish national championship in 2017.


Esbjerg Energy practices and have many ice hockey matches at their home court: Grandly Hockey Arena located on Gl. Vardevej in Esbjerg.


Everyone is welcome to join the matches as an audience at the hockey arena, so bring the family and experience the excitement of a great ice hockey match.



Bring your ice skates

Grandly Hockey Arena is not only a place for professional ice hockey players. Young players and figure skates practices at the two ice rinks.


Every year from March to May, the rinks are open to the public, so everyone who wants to go ice skating is very welcome.


Do not hesitate to go if you do not own a pair of skates yourself. You can rent ice skates at the rink for only 30 kr. Just remember they don’t accept credit cards at the rink for payment.



Ice Disco

In the coldest moths of the year from September to March, you can go and have a party on ice. Granly Hockey Arena throws ice discos during that time of year.


Come together with other ice skating disco dancers and enjoy the music and colored lights that fills the ice rink for one evening.


The party is open to children and adults, but the children have the ice rink to themselves until 07.00 p.m.



Ice skating on town square

From November to February, when the schools take their leave for winter, something very special is happening in Esbjerg town square.


A big ice skating rink is put in the square area, and everyone is welcome to come and skate, what is even better is, that it is free of charge to use the rink.


Always remember that you can rent ice skates at the rink, and if you have a little one with you on the ice, it is also possible to lend a penguin to support the first steps on the ice.


So bring the family, go for a skate around King Christian the 10. Th. and experience the Christmas spirit when thousands of lights light up in the darkness during winter.

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