It only takes about 12 minutes to get from Esbjerg to Fanø. It is the perfect place to get away from the bustle of the city and get some quiet and relaxation.


You can expect wild nature, wide beaches, spotted seals and real island spirit on you way around Fanø. So buckle up or tighten your helmet, because we are going on a trip.


Fanø have many great experiences for tall and small. For example, you can go for a walk in one of the four small towns at the island. Here you can visit the town museums, go on a shopping spree or wander around the small streets and look at the old charming thatched roofed houses.


You can also rent a summerhouse and go on vacation on the island.



Beaches, action and amber


In summer, many visits the beaches of Fanø to take a cold dip in the ocean. One of the best beaches on the island is only a short drive away from the harbor in Nordby. It is located on the beach between Fanø Bad and Rindby.


Here you can swim with the ocean animals: Fish, jellyfish, crabs, and shrimps. The kids can build a sand castle or play tetherball in the sand.


If you need a little more action, you can surf or kite surf in the ocean a little south of Rindby on the way to Sønderho. On this part of the beach, you can also rent blocarts and kite-buggys.


You can find amber at Fanø. All visitors are welcome to seek and keep all the amber, you can find in the sand. Here is a tip: Search between the sandbanks at low tide.



The island of seals


There are over 3000 spotted and gray seals living on Fanø. Bring your family to Sønderho and find many of them laying on the big sandbank, call seal bank, in the ocean.


Sometimes you can also spot a seal in the water or on the sand banks at low tide at Nordby by the harbor.



Many sights to see


Fanø will give you many new experiences. There are a forest for dogs, you can book a horseback ride on the beach, you can go for a biking trip around the island, you can go for a walk in the dune plantation and there are many other experiences are waiting for you.


Have a great trip!

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