Café in Esbjerg City

If you go for a walk in Esbjerg, and you will find many of the cafés in the city.


If hunger is on you plate, you will find many places to get good food, a hot cup of coffee or an ice-cold beer.



Many Places

There is many cafés to choose from, many new places bring new and experimenting recipes to the city, while the old and known still will treat you with food, drinks and happy times.


Classic café meals, sliders, sandwiches, burgers and many other dining experiences are waiting for you in Esbjerg city.


Satisfy your thirst with freshly pressed juice, smoothies with berries, good coffee and other deliciousness for your cravings.  



Find the Place to be

You might even stumble upon your new favorite café on your food adventure.


There is a place for everyone. There is a place for you who loves dark and cozy cafés, you who wants to play board games while drinking a smoothie and eating cheesecake, and there is a place for you who just want to lounge on the couch with your coffee.



Inside and Out

In summertime and on sunny spring days, the cafes at the center square of the city will open up for service on the square. Here you can enjoy the sun and good times with the family, your friends or maybe just with King Christian the Ninth on his horse riding through the square.



Bon appetit!


Find a Café

In the app, EsbjergLive, you will find every café in Esbjerg Kommune. On your smartphone, you can also find the nearest cafes when you get hungry or thirsty.  


Download EsbjergLive on your smartphone or tablet.  

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