Bramming Culture and Spare Time Center

Do you love to play sports? Then you might like to visit Bramming Culture and Spare Time Center. The sports center is a gathering point for both youth and the adults.


Many local citizens of Bramming visits the center every day to play sports.


When the indoor season is upon us, you will find around 6000 people daily in Bramming Culture and Spare Time Center.


Bring your family and play sports together or find your own favorite sports to play. Everyone is welcome and children can play together.


There is many sports to choose from at Bramming Culture and Spare Time Center.



Different sports

You will find many different sport unions located in Bramming Culture and Spare Time Center.


Take a training lesson or enroll in one of the many classes and be part of the union yourself.


Do you like to play volleyball, football or to go for a swim in the pools? These are only a few of the many options to play sports at the culture and spare time center.


You also find:

  • Gymnastics

  • Martial arts

  • A fitness center

  • Badminton

  • Squash



The Culture Café

I Denmark there is a saying, that without food and drink, the hero will not work, which means that you must nourish the ideals, which you support.


You do not have to worry. After a long day of work out and playing sports at Bramming Culture and Spare Time Center, you can grab a bite to eat and a drink at the Culture Café.


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Idræts Allé 10

6740 Bramming

Phone: +45 75 45 94 99