A day in Ribe

Go to Ribe and get a glimpse of the Danish history. The city will take you to a different time, when Danes known as Vikings were the rulers of the north and went to war with England, France and the Baltic states.


The city is the oldest in Denmark. It was founded around 700 A.D. where a big market square became the life of the city.


The market square attracted many both national and international people and traders to Ribe. The market made Ribe prosper and grow to a big city, that we still know today.


Today, when you arrive at Ribe, you will feel the historic vibe going down small cobble streets with the old timbered houses build in medieval times on every corner.



A walk in the city

The weather and people in Ribe has worn down many of the old timbered houses around the city.


Some of the old homes is now used as cafés, stores and has other experiences for you to discover, all you have to do is to go out and explore them.  


Go to the café, drink a cup of coffee, find jewelry inspired by Vikings or discover the many unique boutiques in Ribe.


On you way around the city, you might even stumble upon one of the old houses where historic figures grew up – there are lots of them around the city.


You also find the oldest Danish town hall and an old monetary in Ribe



Ribe Cathedral

Around the time the Danes became Christian, Ribe got one of the first cathedrals in Denmark. The cathedral was built in timber in 948 A.D. and even had a bishop to run the church.


Today it is the oldest standing cathedral in Denmark, and it is not hard to miss as it towers over the little timbered houses of the city.


The great tower built in medieval times and added to the cathedral is proof of the big impact Christianity had in Denmark at that time.


Visit the church by yourself or with your family. You will find old graves, pictures of the old and modern priests and the robe of a bishop that is definitely a lot older than you are.


If you want to see Ribe from above, you can pay a visit to the tower of the church. Climb to the top at 53 meters in height and enjoy the view over Ribe and the surrounding marshlands.

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Ribe Cathedral

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