A day in Bramming

10 minutes by train, half an hour by car or an hour on a bicycle. That is how long it takes to go to Bramming from Esbjerg.


This town lies east of Esbjerg and is set at the edge of the wild with Holsted stream on one side and Ilsted stream on the other.


Here there are many great experiences waiting for you to be discovered.



Bramming museum of the region

Bramming museum of the region is set in the building of the old power plant in town. The old and historic building stands out from the crowd and is a very beautiful sight to see.  


Come to the museum and learn about the history of Bramming. You might find out, what happened during the “Bramming accident” in 1913, or who lost his head and now haunts Sct. Knuds church at night.


The permanent exhibition at the museum contains around 4000 objects, with 200 different stories from Bramming.


So if you like, to dig into history and stories, then Bramming museum of the region might be the place for you to go.


 Bring your family and go right in. It is free of charge to visit the museum.




You will find one of the oldest Danish movie theaters in Bramming. The old building is still in use today as a movie theater. Go see a movie in this historic setting of Kosmorama.  


You also find many other events at Kosmorama than just movies.


You can listen to music at concerts, laugh your heart out with the stand-up comedians and discover many other events

There is something for everyone.


So bring your family and friends for a night out at Kosmorama. You will laugh, listen and watch. The place is definitely worth the visit.



Into the wild

As said in the beginning, Bramming is set between two streams with great nature sights to see right outside of town. If you love nature or the outdoors, you should definitely come to Bramming.


Go camping at Terp by Bramming. Here there is a camping spot with all the equipment; you need for a night under the stars - perfect for camping in summer.


Just remember, that it is only allowed to go to the spot by bicycle, so pack up the tents, go for a ride to Terp and get a good night sleep under the stars.

There are also great opportunity to rent a canoe and go upstream at Holsted stream if you like to go paddling away.

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Bramming museum

Pederstræde 4

67420 Bramming

Phone: +45 40 33 49 65




Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 01.00 p.m. to 04.00 p.m.