Social and business networks

In Esbjerg, you will find a range of different networks for newcomers and expatriates in Denmark, and many Danish citizens are also members of these groups. You can also join locally-based global communities for people living abroad. Some of these networks are social forums, while others are of a more professional character. 
Listed below you will find the most important networks for newcomers in Esbjerg.

Esbjerg Women's Network
All women are welcome to join Esbjerg Women's Network and to take part in the events. 

Studiebyen Esbjerg
Studiebyen Esbjerg is a guide to student life and culture in Esbjerg including a large selection of events for students. The events are free for students in Esbjerg. You can also sign up for a Facebook event application. 


Netværk Sydvest
Business SydVest is a business network which is part of the international network JCI. The network is a platform for young business people aged 18 to 40 years who wish to make business connections and to develop competences.


JCI Esbjerg
Junior Chamber International Esbjerg Junior Chamber International Esbjerg is part of the world wide organization JCI. The organization seeks targeted solutions to the unique problems in communities in order to build a better world. The organization is for young people aged 18 to 40. The organization is non-profit.


HR Netværk Esbjerg
HR Netværk Esbjerg is a knowledge-sharing network for managers and professionals working within Human Resources. Please contact Anette Fuglkjær at for registration.


Esbjerg Erhvervskvinder - Business Women Esbjerg
Erhvervskvinder Esbjerg is part of the leading network for Business Women in Denmark ( 
Business Women Esbjerg is a professional and social forum for dedicated women who seek knowledge-sharing across industries and occupational differences.


Soroptimist International Esbjerg
Soroptimist Esbjerg is a non-political organization for employed women who wish to promote human rights and improve the status of women in all countries. The Network in Esbjerg meets once a month. The other branch in Esbjerg is Soroptimist Esbjerg Freja.


Akademisk Netværk Esbjerg - Academic Network Esbjerg
Akademisk Netværk Esbjerg is a platform for unemployed academics in the area of Esbjerg-Ribe-Varde. Academic Network meet every week.


Esbjerg Business Network
Esbjerg Business Network is a knowledge- sharing network for Business professionals in Esbjerg.


Esbjerg Business and working Network
Esbjerg Business and working network is a digital network initiated to promote dialogue with job-seekers and the business community. 


Novum is a non-profit organization for highly educated foreigners resident in Denmark. Since 2013 the organization has also been active in Esbjerg. The organization aims at bridging the gap between foreigners in Denmark and the business community. You can reach Novum Esbjerg at


Mentornetværk i Esbjerg
Mentornetværk i Esbjerg is an association based on voluntary work. Foreigners are matched with volunteer mentors who are firmly entrenched in Danish society. The network offers mentor solutions with different themes - namely language, business and job search, education and social inclusion/network building.