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Selected events

Seminar about the Dating culture in Denmark. You need to sign up ahead for the seminar to DATING IN DENMARK Is it any different than in other countries? Dating in modern Danish society can be very tricky. Not only for people from abroad seeking a partner in Denmark, but also for the Danes. Should an approach be direct and subtle? Are there any courtesy phrases you learn by heart when addressing Danish women or are they tougher than the rest, as rumour has it? Can Danish men be gentlemen; do they expect you to make the first move? Will they want sex on the first date? The pattern of traditional gender roles in Scandinavia has undergone a huge revolution over the past 50 years. Polarity of the feminine and masculine values swapped places throughout the 70’ties, 80’ties and 90’ties which generated a considerable amount of confusion between the genders. Currently, dating has grown into a life style, and the impossible has been made possible whether you are looking for love or just a casual fling. So how do we meet in 2017? What is the code we are trying to crack, and the name of the game if you want to throw yourself into the fast-moving dating market? How do we encounter and read each other if we can not use the traditional approach to courting in its physical sense, as dating in this country has gone much more virtual and online? We live in a time where options are open and choice is free. The question is: What do you want? Do you want to have a good night out? Dating without emotional obligations? A proper relationship with the aim of establishing a family? Just a bit of safe sex? Or something completely different? It is your call. There are still a lot of similarities between the “Shield maiden (the feminine Viking warrior) and the modern Danish woman, even though there is about a thousand years between the two. Nevertheless, the Danish women nowadays will need to be approached in a slightly different way. And even though she is no longer surrounded by Vikings, she can still be dangerous. Danish men, on the other hand, have long ago exchanged their battleaxe for the computer and sometimes the apron, since cocking and especially eating and drinking is an important tradition in Denmark. The Danish men no longer burn and pillage the nunneries, and they equally share the burden of housework and taking care of their children. But they do like a night on the town and sometimes struggle to find a balance between the caring father/partner and the inner Viking trying to break free. Join us for a powerful and humorous lecture on how to date in Denmark seen from a male and female perspective. You will be guided through the “do’s and don’ts of courting and be presented with a few tricks to make contact, which will make the Danish dating scene much more approachable. Feel free to send any questions or enquiries in advance to: Your contact will be handled with full discretion and privacy, questions covered in the lecture will also be anonymous. Welcome to the Danish dating game! Presenting the two speakers: Mr. Bastian Larsen I am a 45-year-old living in the centre of Copenhagen with my family. I work as a couples’ counsellor and sexual therapist, and have been a journalist and photographer for over 20 years. I have worked in several different media houses with everything from hard news and television to magazines and baking recipes. Over the years I have specialised in relationship problems and communication between the sexes, dating problems and human sexuality. I have covered the subject extensively, both from mainstream and subculture angles. I am a trained couples counsellor and sexual therapist. I work in a private clinic and teach therapists in training. I also offer courses and lectures in the challenges of modern relationships and sexuality. Mrs. Helle Fjord I am 51 years old, living in Ringkøbing nearby the West coast of Jutland. I am certified sexologist and couples’ counsellor. I have a son of 19 who lives in his own flat in Silkeborg. Until February 2016 I have spent my work life in administration and HR in 3 large companies: The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arla Foods amba (the biggest dairy conglomerate in Denmark) and Siemens Denmark. In February, 2016 I opened my own private clinic of sexology and couple's therapy in Ringkøbing. I work through counselling and therapy in English as well as Danish. Besides, I offer lectures and tutoring to schools, minor and larger groups. Among many different topics, I work with individuals and couples around their sexual identity, sexual orientation, sex drive and eroticism, desires for personal development in love and relationships. Many individuals who approach me are challenged with emotional inferiority complexes, stress, fear, not feeling worthy of being loved, an impression of being overlooked in their relationships and not understood and valued by their partner. I am specialized in helping people take themselves seriously by accepting and embracing their emotions, desires, needs. Furthermore, I focus on clear speech, attentive listening and non-violent communication in my therapy and counselling methods.
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A seminar for International Parents. Get information and answers to common questions about having and raising children in Denmark. The seminar will begin with topics and common questions about healthcare, childcare and school culture, including what to pack for lunch, how to dress kids for the Danish weather, rules about car seats, and cover many topics you may have wondered about as a parent or parent-to-be. Both parents and kids are welcome to attend, and the second half of the seminar will offer opportunities to ask questions, get information from a local healthcare professional, and meet other parents and kids.
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Wind your way along the streets of some of the historic areas in Esbjerg’s city centre. The Municipality of Esbjerg offers all newcomers the chance to explore the amenities and culture venues. You need to sign up ahead for the guided Newcomer Walks to, and you will get a confirmation with all the details including meeting point for the day:-)
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