Tange Plantage

Tange Plantage was planted in the 1950s, and, all year round, nature and the changes of season can be experienced in the plantation which alternates between open areas and wood.


Tange Plantage is naturally attached to Tange Bakker which is an inland sand hill area formed by shifting sand in the ice age, approximately 10,000 years ago.


What You Will See


In Tange Plantage, you find an exciting forest playground with a prison castle in a tree, swings, seesaws, and a slide which goes through a bank of earth.


Adjacent to the forest playground, the scouts have two shelters and a barbeque place that you are welcome to use when the scouts are not present. All you need to do is to remember to bring your own firewood.


Dogs can also have great fun in Tange Plantage where a dog playground has been furnished with agility hurdles.


Tips and tricks

If you bring your own food, you can enjoy it at the lunch shelter by the forest playground.


In the plantation there is a good chance of hearing a cuckoo during the spring and summer.


In Tange Plantage, you will also find a monument raised for a member of the resistance movement, Knud Andersen, who was murdered in the plantation in February 1945.

In the vicinity

You may take a trip to the town centre of Ribe and feel the presence of history or go for a walk and experience the vegetation and wildlife at Munkesø to the south of Ribe.

Tange Plantage:

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