The Skating Lake at Bramming

As a small oasis in the middle of the town of Bramming, two lakes can be found called the skating lake and the ice hockey lake.


The lakes are next door to the town’s leisure centre and surrounded by football fields and green expanses, in an area which many people pass daily.  


What you can experience

The area around the skating lake and the ice hockey lake is the green lung of the town of Bramming, and the lakes make a perfect place to visit for a pleasant excursion on a normal working day or a day off. The two lakes have undergone an extensive renovation, so the area is now open, bright and airy.


A path runs around the lakes and is ideal for a walk or jog. The surface is so stable that it is also possible to travel along it in a wheelchair, with a stroller or pram, or even for those walking difficulties.


If you need a break during your walk or jog, there are places to rest along the shores of the lakes, and you can pass the time by hunting for edible berries and nuts in the bushes.


During 2019, Bramming Local Council are establishing permanent lighting around the lake.  


Tips and tricks

Enjoy your picnic and the view of the lake at Madpakkehuset.


If the weather is cold enough in the winter,

the skating lake is naturally perfect for a skating trip.


Just remember to follow the guidelines

and warnings on the signs, and be careful.

In the Vicinity

Take a trip to Darum and walk the Darum Church path, one of the country’s longest and oldest church paths.

You could also visit the World Forest at Gørding and experience a  glimpse of the big, wide world.

The Skating Lake:

Get there

Address: Bakkevej 6, 6740 Bramming


Parking: Use the parking lot at Bramming Kultur- og Fritidscenter, Idræts Allé 10



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