The Myrthuegård Nature and Culture Communication centre is located in Marbæk. It not only offers unique experiences but also functions as a great starting point for trips to the Wadden sea or to Marbæk.


What can you experience

On the first floor you can find the exhibition, “Where stream, sea and people meet”.  Entry is free every day from 8.00 until 20.00. The entrance to the exhibition is from the courtyard. 


The field station comprises six small open cabins in the forest. This is a place where the whole family can join in, as themes about habitats and the landscape are explored via the Danish explorer, Jens Bjerre and his famous travels. The cabins are always open. It is best to visit at the weekend or on a weekday evening, when school children are not attending lessons here.


Go for a walk along the planet path which is approx. 500 metres long. When you have crossed one metre of the planet path, it corresponds to 10 million km in space.


Tips and tricks

Stay for the night
Experience the natural surroundings after dark.

You can stay the night in one of the shelters on site. It is free.

You can book via or tel. no.76 16 81 00.


Marbæk day in May

Don’t miss out on the national park/Marbæk day in May.

You can find the programme for this event at



'Find your way in ...' is a simplified version of orienteering with fixed items developed in collaboration with the Danish Orienteering Runner Association. There are suggestions for routes ranging from 1.3 to 2.3 km and you can also take part in a mobile quiz. You will find maps, routes and explanation here:


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Get there

Address: Myrtuevej, 39, 6710 Esbjerg V.


Parking: You can park your car at Myrthuegård



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