Midtgård is beautifully located in rural surroundings between Sønderris and Gjesing in Esbjerg. The farm is an ecology centre, which offers educational programmes for kindergartens and schools. In addition, Midtgård is open to all visitors looking for an interesting and pleasant excursion. 


What you can experience

At Midtgård you can see farm animals such as horses, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and geese. During the first months of the year, lambs, kids and piglets are born and, in the spring, you can see them frolicking around playfully.


In the summer months, the cows are outside in the meadows and you can pet Møffe, Midtgård’s piebald landrace pig. She has her own unique personality and loves mud baths.


In Midtgård’s garden, you can find a lovely spot where you can enjoy your picnic, or go for a walk in the 1000-year forest, which is divided into different time zones.  The trees in each zone demonstrate which species were dominant in the Danish countryside during the various time periods.


Tips and tricks

If you want to be more active, with a little sweat on your brow,

make use of the of the different tools that Midtgård’s carpenters

have built in the 1000-year forest.


You can also follow the path marked in green which starts

at the farmyard and follow the signs around the 6.5 km

long Energy path.


There are plenty of benches and tables set up in the green surroundings

of Midtgård, and behind the garden, there is a barbecue/campfire area.





In the Vicinity

Go for a trip to Hjerting and experience Hjerting Beach Park or go for a stroll along the promenade.


Get there

Adrdess: Ravnsbjergvej 6, 6710 Esbjerg V.


Parking: You can park your car at Midtgård on Ravnsbjergvej.



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