This large natural area offers plenty of opportunities for fun experiences on foot, mountain bike or by horseback.


With fantastic vantage points, ancient monuments, adventure playgrounds, accommodation and many other things, Marbæk can provide inspiration for many delightful trips throughout the year.


What can you experience

The marked paths vary in length. The shortest is Kravnsøstien at 1.5 km and the longest, Marbækstien at 10 km.


The blue path leads you past the lakes and right out to Ho Bay (Ho Bugt). The ridge at Gulebjerg is also a popular excursion spot. Along the route you can see lots of different types of nature that are characteristic of the Marbæk area.


Mountain bikers can follow a dedicated 3 km long marked single track route. This is intended as a supplement to a bike trip around the whole area.


Tips and tricks

Discover Kravnsø adventure playground and you will find

carved wooden sculptures that appeal to play and discovery.


You can also stay overnight and make food on campfires.


In the Vicinity

Get there

Address: Myrthuevej 39, 6710 Esbjerg V.


Parking: Use for example the parking space at Myrthuegård



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