The Deer Park in Nørreskoven

The deer park is a popular excursion destination. A place where you can get close to sika deer, red deer and fallow deer in the fenced area. The deer are wild, and as we are the visitors we are there on the deer’s terms.


What you can experience

Huge beech trees welcome you to Nørreskoven, an unusual sight in this region as beech trees are not so common. The forest is easily accessible along well-laid paths and on the deer park’s open plain there is a nice view towards both north and south.


Bring your Frisbee and you can try your hand at the nine-hole Frisbee golf course in the south end of the deer park. You can access this area from Gl. Vardevej.


If you need something more high energy, head to the north end of the park, where there is a challenging obstacle course. This can be accessed from Krebsestien.


Tips and tricksTa ud logo

The deer may be fed, as long as you follow the information at the main entrance.

Stay at least three meters away from the deer and do not feed them by hand.

Instead, put fruit and vegetables on the ground for them.

Remember to leave bread and spaghetti at home, the deer cannot digest these.  


The sound of a rustling bag means food for the deer, so be aware that the deer will start searching for the food as soon as you take bag out.


Remember to be especially careful between September and the end of November as this is the mating season, also known as the rut. In this period the stags are busy making aggressive displays to each other and showing interest in the females.


Take a walk along the Energy path (Energistien)

If you fancy a short walk or run, then use the Energy path (Energistien), marked in red around the area. It is 3.4 km long, and the path goes around the old deer park and golf course.


In fact, there are six energy paths in Esbjerg and two in Ribe. They are clearly marked in the countryside with special Energy path (Energistien) signposts, so just go for it. 


In the Vicinity


Get there

Address: Gl. Vardevej


Parking: Gl. Vardevej just opposite Spangsbjerg Hospital


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