Darum Kirkesti

Darum Kirkesti is one of Denmark’s oldest and longest church paths. It cannot be dated precisely, but the church, Darum Kirke, is from the 1100’s.


The church path is approximately 1.3 kilometres long and runs from the church in a straight line to the furthest farm in Darum which is situated approximately 1 kilometre from the seawall and the ocean, Vadehavet.


What You Will See


Darum Kirkesti runs through Darum, and, on your way, you will move through the village with gardens and close hedges and into the open marshlands adjacent to Vadehavet.


The church path was renovated in 2018 respecting the original natural look which fits the village, and, at the same time, the path is constructed so that everybody can use it. Therefore, you may enjoy a walk along it whether you are young or older, and you can walk or ride a bike, and it is also possible to bring a wheelchair or a pram.


Tips and Tricks


During your walk along Darum Kirkesti you can gain more knowledge about the path and obtain information about the history of the village and the area around it as seven information boards have been placed along the path to make your walk more interesting.

In the Vicinity

You can walk around via Skøjtesøerne in Bramming or go to Ribe and feel the presence of the history of the oldest town in the Nordic countries or visit Vedels Anlæg and Ribelund.

Darum Kirkesti:

Get there

Address: Laurentiusvej, 6740 Bramming


Parking: Darum Kirke, Laurentiusvej, 6740 Bramming


Bus: Bus stop Feilbergvej, St. Darum, 6740 Bramming, bus nr. 8C og 426

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