Elite sports and education in Esbjerg

In Esbjerg Municipality we are serious about sports, and we are proud to have good facilities, skilled coaches – and not to mention a unique opportunity to combine elite sport and education at all levels.


Elite Sports and education in classes from 7th to 9th grade
Esbjerg Municipality offers a system that makes it possible to combine elite sports and education in the 7th to 9th grade.

As an elite athlete in this model you get:


  • Two weekly sport-specific morning training and one weekly morning training (physical)
  • Injury Prevention Training
  • Student ID
  • Mandatory courses from Team Denmark (nutrition, sports psychology etc.)
  • Physiotherapy screenings


These classes take place at Vitaskolen, Bohr.


Vitaskolen is located only about 3 kilometers from Esbjerg Sports Park, where all the elite clubs are located within a very small radius.


See the folder and read more on the website here


For further information on admission and other details, please visit www.eliteidraetesbjerg.dk


Youth education and elite sports

EsbjergOrdningen is a close cooperation between the elite sports clubs, Studio 10, private schools with 10th grade, secondary institutions and Esbjerg Municipality. The scheme ensures the practicing free choice of study direction as well as optimal conditions for combining education and elite sports.


In addition to the free choice of study direction, EsbjergOrdningen offers:

• Mentoring

• Ability buddy system

• Additional lessons


You can join the EsbjergOrdning if the clubs, federations and Elite Sports Esbjerg / Esbjerg Municipality approve you.



Where can I study?
The following education establishments participate in the EsbjergOrdning:

Read more about EsbjergOrdningen here


The Team Danmark Ordning

With the Team Danmark Ordning, elite athletes seek to extend the period of study in high school for a year as a way to achieve both sports and studies.


The system is offered at all educational institutions included in the EsbjergOrdning, and you apply for admission directly through Team Denmark.


Please note that EsbjergOrdningen and Team Denmark Ordningen may complement each other. The Team Danmark Ordning is, however, for Danish citizen only.


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Higher education

Educational institutions offer flexible terms for elite athletes in higher educations in the Municipality of Esbjerg. The aim is that the student whenever possible can schedule the classes to match the required training.


There is a training adviser at each educational institution that provides the athlete with qualified advice about the choice of education and provide information on how the study is structured. The adviser also helps to keep the academic overview and solve the problems that may occur during training because elite athlete has less study time than other students.


Educational institutions may offer a buddy system or other types of support. Please note that the demand of professional requirements is not reduced.


These institutions offer the flexible programmes:

  • UC Syddanmark
  • Erhvervsakademi Sydvest
  • Syddansk Universitet
  • Aalborg Universitet.


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Esbjerg Sports College

If you are an active athlete included in one of the programmes offered by Elite Sports Esbjerg, it is possible to apply for housing at Esbjerg's new Sports College. The student dormitory is located at Grådybet close to the city's sports facilities. Esbjerg Sports College has 30 apartments available.


Esbjerg Sports College is for young talents who need housing for their sport and education in Esbjerg. The college offers a safe environment and full focus on sport.

Read more about Esbjerg Sports College here 

Contact Anna

Contact Anna

If you have any questions, please contact the Elite Sports Consultant at Esbjerg Municipality. 

Anna Bach Kristensen
+45 7616 1586