Elementary school

When you move to Esbjerg Municipality with one or more children, they have the right to be admitted to the primary and lower secondary school in the school district in which you live. They do, however, need to speak Danish at a certain level. Read more about language requirements here


The Danish "Folkeskole" is a free state school. The Danish school system directs that the total period of school catering is 10 years. School includes preschool, commencing in the year in which the child turns six, primary classes (grade 1-6) and secondary classes (grade 7-9), plus an optional year (10th grade).


Families with children between 6-16 years of age are automatically sent information on public schools when they enroll in the National Register at the municipality of Esbjerg.


Nearly 90% of all children in Denmark receive education at the public schools.


Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts, and you are guaranteed enrollment in the district where you live. However, you can also apply for a school outside your district, and they will enroll your child if they have vacancy. 


In the neighbourhood descriptions you will find an overview of the local schools. 


School districks in Esbjerg

At this interactive map you can view all schools in the municipality. The search function located at the top right-hand corner allows you to search by address or school name. If you hit the icon "i" in the top menu, you can click the dots on the map to read more about the schools. 

If you wish to see a map that combines information about schools and childcare you can find it here


Enroll your child for school

If your child speaks Danish, you can enroll digitally in January/February. You must have a NemID to enroll a child for school. If you do not have a NemID, you can find help here
Click here to enroll your child online (in Danish). 

During the school year you need to contact the school directly.


Younger than six years

If your child is not yet six years old when you move to Esbjerg Municipality, you should await the annual enrollment  in January/February. You will receive a personal invitation from your local school. If by mistake you do not recieve this invitation, please contact the school before the enrollment deadline. 

Preschool and childcare at the school (SFO)

You can also enroll your child for preschool (childcare at the school from April until the summer vacation) and SFO, which is childcare programme (before and after school hours). You can sign up for preschool and childcare at the school at the same time as you enroll your child or add it later on if you decide to. Prices and information about these services are available at the website of Esbjerg Municipality (in Danish). 

In Denmark it is common to have children in SFO until end of parents work time. You can sign up for SFO here (in Danish). 


School transport

You can read about the possibilities at the website of Esbjerg Municipality (in Danish). If your child is eligible for free school transport you can ask for an application form at your school. 

Bilingual pupils

If your child does not yet speak Danish, the municipality offers reception classes. 

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Enroll your child for school

If your child speaks Danish, you can enroll digitally in January/February (link to Danish website below). During the school year you need to contact the school directly. 

More about enrollment

Private schools

In Esbjerg Municipality you will find several private schools. You can find a list of the schools here.

Private schools

Contact Information

Pia Enemark from Newcomer Service can answer general questions about the school system. 

Pia Enemark
+45 2047 3206

Lene Rahbek Jensen is the consultant for bilingual pupils in Esbjerg Municipality. 

Lene Rahbek Jensen
+45 2146 1025