In Esbjerg we are constantly inspired by trends and ideas from around the world. This global mindset is reflected in the educational offers. Students here enjoy a vibrant student life and a positive and professional learning environment with focus on the entire course from primary school to youth education and further education. 

You will find: 

  • Elementary schools (the Danish Folkeskole) which combines a safe learning environment with academic challenges
  • Youth education with an international perspective
  • 60 study programmes (more than 20  available in English) with a close collaboration between the educational institutions and the local business community. 



A wide range of options 

With more than 6,500 students and 60 different 60 study programmes Esbjerg is an active and attractive city to study in. 

Studiebyen Esbjerg is a cooperation that cares for the students in Esbjerg. They boost the study environment and organize a ton of free student events. 


Visit Studiebyen Esbjerg


Get your education in Esbjerg

Elementary school

Read more about the school system and schools in Esbjerg Municipality here.

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Youth education

Read more about your options in Esbjerg Municipality here. 

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Further education

Esbjerg offers a vibrant student life and you can choose between 60 study programmes. 

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International schooling

In Esbjerg you attend school in English all the way from elementary school to university. 

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