A Newcomer Buddy will help you

About one third of the clubs described here offer a Newcomer Buddy, who volunteer to answer questions and help new members get a good start in the club. The Newcomer Buddy is an active member of the club and can for instance help you with information about teams.

You can reach out to this person by phone or email if you consider joining the club. The Newcomer Buddy can help you find someone to take you to your first club training and introduce you to your team, if you wish.

The list of clubs, which offer Newcomer Buddies, include both commercial leisure clubs and non-profit associations. 

The Newcomer Buddy speaks English and will be happy to help you, but please note that it is a person, who does this voluntarily, and therefore might not be able to answer the phone at all times. Feel free to leave a message or send an email instead. Should you unexpectedly encounter problems reaching the Newcomer Buddy, please contact Newcomer Service at newcomer@esbjergkommune.dk

When you search the association catalogue, you can check off the box "yes please" to only see clubs, which offer a Newcomer Buddy. 

Would you like to become a Newcomer Buddy?

If you are already an active member of a club and would like to help new members get a good start, you should consider volunteering as a Newcomer Buddy. All it takes is your permission to publish your contact information - and of course that you take good care of the people who reach out to you for help.


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Please contact Newcomer Service if you wish to sign up as a Newcomer Buddy. 

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