About Danish Club Life

In Esbjerg Municipality almost 1000 associations are registered within categories that vary from sports to hobbies and crafts and different types of networks. Many of the clubs are established as associations, which receive funding because they support general enlightenment. These clubs are cheaper to join than the entirely commercial clubs primarily because they often function as non-profit organizations run by volunteers. 

At EsbjergLive we have selected more than 300 of the most active clubs that welcome new members. They represent both non-profit associations and commercial clubs. The intention of this website (and the app) is to make it easier to find and join a club.

You will find the Danes in the clubs

There is a strong association culture in Denmark, where club life is just as much about socializing as it is about indulging in your spare time interests. It is relatively easy to establish your own club and therefore there is a wide selection of clubs available to join. 

The Danes make new friends and socialize in the clubs, and very often they make friends for life through their childhood spare time activity. Most clubs offer additional activities where members meet up for socializing events such as dining together, travelling or meeting up for seasonal activities like summer parties or events at Easter or Christmas. 

You will find clubs where socializing is the main purpose, and you will find clubs where training for a specific sport or learning a specific art craft is the main purpose. However, most clubs invite you to do both, and it is a good opportunity to meet like minded. 

English descriptions

At this website you will find short descriptions of the clubs in English, and we aim at indicating the primary target groups. To find more information about each individual club, make sure to visit their website via the link provided. Many club websites are unfortunately only in Danish, but in the app we have listed the clubs that are suitable for English speakers. Do not hesitate to contact them if you need more information. 

Seasons for outdoor /indoor club life

At the Danish clubs you sign up for the entire season, which is usually the entire year or either the summer or the winter season. It is preferable to sign up from the beginning, but many clubs will let you join throughout the year if they still have room for new members. 

Many indoor club activities start their yearly season around August or September, and many outdoor club activities start their yearly season around April or May.

Trial training

Most clubs offer 1- 4 training sessions for free before asking you to decide on a membership, and most club teams meet up once or twice a week during scheduled hours.

Changing facilities

In Denmark you will most often find shared men’s changing rooms and shared women’s changing rooms. The changing rooms often include shower facilities, and most Danes use these facilities for changing, showering and to informally conclude the day’s activities. It is, however, perfectly acceptable to change and shower at home if you prefer to. The exception is swimming for hygienic reasons.

Volunteering in a club

Many clubs are dependent on volunteers, and it is a great way into the Danish club life if you have the possibility to volunteer. Many people help out there their children are already members. For instance, some volunteer to be the trainer on one of the junior teams, by helping with administrative tasks, by making costumes for the kids’ theatre performances. Others participate in the club’s away games or other trips out of town with the club. 

Organize your own club 

In Esbjerg Municipality you stand a good chance of initiating your own club. You can read more about it at the website of Esbjerg Municipality (in Danish). 

A Newcomer Buddy will help you

About 100 clubs offer a Newcomer Buddy. You are welcome to reach out to them if you have any questions. 

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