Suburb by the sea

Sædding is located by the sea and is an attractive area, due partly to Sædding Beach and partly to its close proximity to central Esbjerg. Sædding is comprised of Gl. Sædding, Sædding Nord, Mosevangen and Fovrfeld.


In Sædding you will find attractive residential areas near the beach as well as many family-friendly housing areas with child-friendly streets, incl. Mosevangen and Fovrfeld. In the middle of Gl. Sædding as well as around Ådalsskolen there is a larger area of row housing and apartment complexes.


Sædding is surrounded by a green ring of recreation areas and extends out to Ho Bugt. The Energy Path runs through Sædding, by the Sædding lighthouse, Sædding beach, the Men by the Sea, Fisheries and Maritime Museum, Brille Lake and Sædding Center.


In Sædding, you will find shopping, beaches, forests and sports and association life within walking distance.

Population Approx. 11000 Location North-west of Esbjerg

Community’s Spirit

Activities in the Sædding Center, the Energy Pathway and the beach attract visitors to Sædding from the entire Esbjerg area. During Saint Hans many people from the area gather around a large bonfire on the beach to celebrate. Many community events are centered around the beach, Sædding Center and the bingo center.


In Sædding there is also a wide selection of sports activities, incl. jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, dance and fitness. The local sports association SGI uses the hall in Guldager.



Schools, after-school care (SFO) & clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts. Sædding and Fovrfeldt fall within the Bohrskole district, with the main school at Vitaskole in Gjesing as well as branches in Fourfeld and at Ådalen in Sædding.


In Sædding & Fovrfeldt you will find:

  • Fourfeldtskolen Bohr, with 0-9th grades
  • Associated after-school care programs (SFO)
  • Leisure and youth club Fovrfeld
  • Ådalskolen Bohr, with 0-7th grades
  • Associated after-school care programs (SFO)
  • Leisure and youth club Ådalen



Private schools in Sædding:


At this interactive map you can view all schools in the municipality. The search function located at the top right-hand corner allows you to search by address or school name. If you hit the icon "i" in the top menu, you can click the dots on the map to read more about the schools. 

Read more about school, school districts and enrollment here.




Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven enrollment districts. Sædding is located in the Sædding district.


In Sædding you will find:


Private institutions in Sædding:


At this interactive map you can view all your childcare options. 

Read more about childcare here.





The area well connected to the city center by bus. Local streets are also suitable for walking and cycling.



Build your own home

Several building sites are for sale in a new residential area. Read more at Esbjerg Municipality homepage (in Danish). 



Welcome Ambassador

You are welcome to contact one of the Welcome Ambassadors if you are considering a move to Sædding or would like to know more about the local community.



More information

Sædding’s website: www.saeddinglokalraad.dk

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