A city of history and culture

As Denmark’s oldest city, Ribe is well known by the citizens of Denmark.​


Ribe offers an attractive old city centre with the incomparable opportunity of settling in an historical environment with charming shopping streets. The city has managed to strike a good balance between its historic environment and an active business community and a diverse shopping environment.


The city of Ribe, with its special location amidst a beautiful landscape, has an unparalleled atmosphere due to the close association between the city centre and the surrounding countryside. Approx. 1 million tourists visit Ribe each year.
The old historic city provides the perfect backdrop for a variety of high-quality cultural events.


In Ribe, the watchman gives guided tours throughout the summer in the old city centre, where it is also possible to hear him sing the special watchman’s song by Danish hymn writer Thomas Kingo.

Population Approx. 8500 Location South of Esbjerg

School, after-school care (SFO) & clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts. 

In Ribe you will find:


At this interactive map you can view all schools in the municipality. The search function located at the top right-hand corner allows you to search by address or school name. If you hit the icon "i" in the top menu, you can click the dots on the map to read more about the schools. 

Read more about school, school districts and enrollment here.






Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven enrollment districts

Ribe has two districts, the northern Nørremarken-Tange and the southern Ribe-Midt - Øster Vedsted.


In Ribe you will find:


At this interactive map you can view all your childcare options. 

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Ribe has connecting trains to Esbjerg, Tønder and Bramming.



Build your own home

Several building sites are for sale in a new residential area. Read more at Esbjerg Municipality homepage (in Danish).



Welcome Ambassadors

You are welcome to contact one of the Welcome Ambassadors if you are considering a move to Ribe or would like to know more about the local community.



More information

Visit Ribes website: www.visitribe.dk

Transportation time by car

23 min.
26 min.
Esbjerg City
27 min.
23 min.
Billund Airport
51 min.
Esbjerg Airport
24 min.
Next Step City
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1 t. 22 min.