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Gjesing is a suburb of Esbjerg, which is bordered by Vognsbøl Park to the south and Nørreskov forest to the west.​


A large section of Gjesing is quite an attractive residential area party due to its proximity to large nature areas in Norreskov forest and along Fovrfeld stream and due to its short distance to Esbjerg C. Gjesing is comprised of the areas Gl. Gjesing and Gjesing North. Gjesing is a typical suburb with large single-family areas, institutions, shopping options and an active club and association life.


In Gl. Gjesing you can find many of classic single family homes with large yards and family-friendly quarter with child-friendly streets in areas such as Vestervangs quarter.



Population Approx. 8100 Location Suburb north of Esbjerg

Suburb's spirit

Shopping options in Gjesing play an important role for many residents across the municipality, just as many residents from the Esbjerg area visit Nørreskov forest. Furthermore, the school in Gjesing draws many students from Esbjerg and beyond due to the schools elite sports program and the Da Vinci program for particularly talented students.


In Gjesing there is a wide selection of sport and sports activities, including the associations SIF Football, SIF Gymnastics, Gjesing Badminton Club and Sædding-Gjesing Taekwondo Club.


There are several grocery stores as well as individual shops around Gjesing, although much of shopping traffic is centered around the large superstores, such as Bilka, Harald Nyborg and Bauhaus was well as Esbjerg StoreCenter. The shopping options makes Gjesing a type of ‘shopping mecca’ for the entire area.



Schools, after-school care (SFO) & clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts.


In Gjesing you will find:

  • Vitaskolen, Bohr, with classes from 0-9th grade, as well as the Da Vinci Program and Elite Sports Program
  • Associated after-school care programs (SFO)
  • Leisure & youth club Grønlandsparken (in Gjesing Nord)
  • Esbjergs 10th grade center (in Gjesing Nord)



Near Gjesing you will also find a private school:

  • Markusskolen, with classes from 0-9th grade, in the eastern section of Sædding (2 km)


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Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven enrollment districts. Gjsesing is located in the district called Gjesing


In Gjesing you will find:


At this interactive map you can view all your childcare options. 

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There are good bus connections to the center of Esbjerg and to the surrounding towns. The roads are also suitable for cyclists and walkers with a good path network as well as a connection to the city via the Super Cycle Path, making it easy to travel into the city by bike. There is also a train station at Gjesing, which serves the Esbjerg-Varde line. 



Welcome Ambassadors

You are welcome to contact one of the welcome ambassadors, if you are considering a move to Gjesing or wish to know more about the local community.

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