Wadden Sea villages in the marsh landscape

Farup is comprised of three country villages: Kærbøl, Farup Kirkeby, and Nørre Farup. Over time, the villages have grown together to form a community with many shared activities, and the community activities also include many of the smaller, nearby settlements


In the area around Farup, there are smaller lakes and waterways. Farup is located in by the lake Vestersø and open marshlands to the southwest.


Community Spirit

Many of the residents congregate around the community hall Logitranshallen in Farup Kirkeby and around the sports associations with football, handball, volleyball, hockey, gymnastics, badminton and aerobics. In particular, the residents- and gymnastics associations as well as the former school help form the nerve of the community. A number of residents from the three villages and from the nearby communities are active in the hunting association, and the knitting café also functions as a local meeting place.


Farup hosts an annual village festival, sports night, shrovetide celebration, Christmas activities and a hobby exhibition. Additionally, the ‘Q group’ under the FSBG Farup resident- and gymnastics association, arranges cultural events such as concerts, presentations and more. There are also several activities in the nearby communities such as pentaque, cycling groups, organized walks in the forests, Sankt Hans celebrations, kickball tournaments and a community festival near Gildesalen in Hillerup.


Gammel Å, which flows through Farup, is due to the high content of ocher in the water called "Red River" by the locals.

Population Approx. 600 Location South of Esbjerg, north of Ribe

School, SFO (after-school care programme) and youth clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts. Farup is located in the Vadehavsskolen school district, which is comprised of a main school on Simon Hansensvej in Ribe, as well as branch schools on Haulundvej in Ribe, on Kongeåvej in Gredstedro and a branch on Egebækvej in Egebæk-Hviding. School bus services service Ribe and there is a bike path along the entire way to Ribe, which is used many children in Farup. 


In Ribe, near Farup you will find:



In Farup you will find:

  • Leisure and youth club Farup 



At this interactive map you can view all schools in the municipality. The search function located at the top right-hand corner allows you to search by address or school name. If you hit the icon "i" in the top menu, you can click the dots on the map to read more about the schools. 

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Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven enrollment districts. Farup is located in the Nørremarken-Tange district.


In Ribe Nord/Nørremarken, near Farup you will find: 

  • Nørremarken (age-integrated) in Ribe Nord/Nørremarken (4.5 km)
  • Several daycares



At this interactive map you can view all your childcare options. 

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There is a bus service from Farup Kirkeby and Hillerup to Ribe.


Build your own home

Several building sites are for sale in a new residential area. Read more at Esbjerg Municipality homepage (in Danish). 



Welcome Ambassador

You are welcome to contact the Welcome Ambassador if you are contemplating a move to Farup.


Transportation time by car

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