Esbjerg C - Vognsbøl

Recreation and Nature Mecca

Vognsbøl is situated in the extension of the northwestern part of Spangsbjerg and borders Sædding.


Vognsbøl is one of the few suburbs in Esbjerg that is not primarily characterized by housing, however it is a very active area because it is home to many of the city’s sports facilities and there are also great parks and nature areas in Vognsbøl.


In the western part of Vognsbøl, you can find forests and lakes in Strandskoven, Mindelunden and Brillesøen.

Population Approx. 400 Location Northwestern suburb in Esbjerg

Community spirit

n Vognsbøl you can enjoy nature within only a short distance of Esbjerg – including Vognsbøl Park with large, green grassed areas, lakes, forest, paths and playgrounds. Vognsbøl Park plays a central role in forming Esbjerg’s identity and can be used for a wide range of activities – running, biking, fitness, walking, kids activities, picnics, feeding the ducks and deer as well outdoor concerts and events.


In Vognsbøl, you will also find the Esbjerg sports park.

You'll find

  • Vognsbøl park 
  • Blue Water Arena (football stadium)
  • Blue Water Dokken (in-door arena)
  • Granly Hockey Arena
  • Esbjerg Curling Arena
  • Tennis courts

Vognsbøl is also considered as a suburb with strong focus on education and business life as it is home to Aalborg University – Esbjerg, several colleges, Esbjerg Conference Center as well as the research and development park where institutions such as Esbjerg Business Development are located.



School, SFO (after-school care programme) and youth clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts. Vognsbøl falls within the Cosmosskolen school district, with the main department located at Skolebakken in Jerne and a school each in Boldesager and in Spangsbjerg


In Spangsbjerg (south of Vognsbøl) you will find:


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Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven enrollment districts. Vognsbøl is located in the district called Indre by - Spangsbjerg. 


Near Vognsbøl you will find:


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Transportation time by car

7 min.
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