Esbjerg C - Spangsbjerg

Close to city center and nature

Spangsbjerg has many diverse housing options and is an area which extends from inner Spangsbjerg, which is an extension of the city center, all the way out to Stormgade.


The inner part of Spangsbjerg is often considered part of the city center, and here you can find the city hall, police station, Esbjerg Statsskole and Rybners. The inner part of Spangsbjerg is a neighborhood with a blend of villas, urban housing and apartment buildings.


North of Strandby Kirkevej you will find a villa precinct with many large, manor-like homes and architecturally designed houses from the mid-1900’s, as well as a section of row houses. Out towards Spangsbjerg Kirkevej you will find the high rise buildings ”Spangsbjergparken”.


On the other side of Spangsbjerg Kirkevej there is a popular housing quarter from 1990’s, known as Højvangshaven, which is composed of low apartment blocks with private gardens and closely spaced single-family, redbrick houses in a green, park-like environment.


The northern part of Spangbjerg is home to the continuing education school EUC Vest and borders the suburb of Vognsbøl, which is a popular place for Esbjerg residents due to the large park, Vognsbølparken, and the area’s many sporting facilities.

Spangsbjerg is bound by Stormgade and Vognsbølparken to the west, Torvegade to the east, Frodesgade to the south and Spangsbjerg Møllevej to the north.

Population Approx. 5300 Location Northern suburb in Esbjerg C

The neighborhood spirit

There are many sports activities in Spangsbjerg, including those offered by SIF Football and SIF Gymnastics, and they are largely centered around the school in Spangsbjerg and in the nearby areas. Many of the area’s shopping options are located along Strandby Kirkevej and Stormgade.


School, SFO (after-school care programme) and youth clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts. Spangsbjerg falls within Cosmosskolen school district, with the main department located at Skolebakken in Jerne and a school each in Boldesager and in Spangsbjerg. Most children in Spangsbjerg attend the Cosmosskolen school in Spangsbjerg, while children from the most inner part of Spangsbjerg attend the school in Boldesager.


In Spangsbjerg, you will find:



In Boldesager (southwest of Spangsbjerg), you will find:

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Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven enrollment districts. Spangsbjerg is located in the district called Indre by - Spangsbjerg. 


In and near Spangsbjerg you will find:



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