Esbjerg C - Rørkjær

Charm and history

Rørkjær is an area east of the railway between the inner city and Østbyen. The area is home to some of the oldest parts of Esbjerg, and around Exnersgade you will find beautiful, old buildings. Rørkjær is a popular area because you are close to the inner city but still far enough away from the urban traffic and noise.


In Rørkjær, there are both single-family houses and many small blocks of flats on child-friendly streets. Rørkjær is also regarded as a very charming area because of the crooked and winding streets, which is unique in contrast to the typical street grid structure found in Esbjerg.


Many of the buildings are adorned with red tiled roofs, which gives the area’s buildings a certain uniformity. The dominance of this roofing style could possibly be attributed to the large presence of brickworks in the area in the 1800’s.

Population Approx. 2000 Location Eastern suburb in Esbjerg C
  • Rørkjær

The community’s spirit

The border between Rørkjær and the eastern part of Østerby is not rigid; this is partly due to the fact that the areas share schools, but also due to a large sporting community which is largely centered around Østerbyen’s association IF92 and the Rørkjær Hall. Many events take place around Rørkjær Hall and the school in Rørkjær.


The large playing field area at Rørkjær Hall is a publicly accessible green area, but those who live in Rørkjær also use the closeby Lergravspark, which has its own lake and is located on the border with Østerby. In Legravspark, the largest Sankt Hans celebration is held each year. Tobakken, which was previously a tobacco factory, is now a concert and culture house that contributes to the great cultural and musical life in Rørkjær.



School, SFO (after-school care programme) and youth clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts. Rørkjær falls within Urbanskolen school district, with the main department located at Søndervangen in Østerbyen, and a school each on Danmarksgade in the inner city and in Rørkjær.


In Rørkjær, you will find:

  • Rørkjær Skole Urban, with classes from 0-9th grade
  • Associated after-school care programmes (SFO)
  • Leisure & youth club Rørkjær


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Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven enrollment districts. Rørkjær falls under the Rørkjær-Midt district.


In Rørkjær, you will find:


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