A modern city

Esbjerg is western Denmark’s main hub with a big city atmosphere. The city offers attractive shopping and cultural activities and a versatile business community.


The city centre sizzles with activity all year round. An exciting mix of culture houses, numerous specialty shops, and a rich variety of restaurants and cafés in an alluring urban environment characterize Esbjerg’s shopping and cultural centre.


Esbjerg is a lively and modern city that offers the opportunity to try out new ideas. As a young harbour city, Esbjerg hospitality is striking. Tourists also add their touch to the city. Apart from visitors from summer house areas, large cruise liners call at the city.


In Esbjerg, visitors can experience a pulsating shopping and cultural centre and yet still have only a short distance to nature and good beaches. The city’s unusual road network is built on a grid modeled after an American pattern.


The suburbs of Esbjerg are characterized by green patches that contribute to making Esbjerg’s residential areas attractive.


Population Approx. 40000 Location Esbjerg city

Did you know that:

  • Appointed in 1899, Esbjerg is one of the country’s youngest market towns.
  • The Esbjerg performing Arts Centre was built in 1997 in an exceptional cooperation between private and public investors. Read more at:
  • The rhythmic music club Tobakken receives support as a regional music
  • Esbjerg’s downtown area has been awarded prizes for, e.g. its lighting and nontraditional collaborative work.
  • Esbjerg has been presented with the City of the Year award twice. In 1997 and again in 2006 for its work with talented young people.
  • The Academy of Music Southern Denmark is an arts academy with 300 students in Odense and Esbjerg, many of which are international.
  • A beautiful and exiting skating rink in the town square is a popular winter attraction.
  • With all it has to offer, Esbjerg’s Celebration Week attracts tens of thousands of people into the downtown area.
  • Esbjerg has beaches near Hjerting, Sjelborg and Marbæk.

Transportation time by car

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Billund Airport
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