Culture-historical soul

In Endrup you will primarily find one-family houses and small farms where many of the buildings ooze of culture-history. Sneum creak runs through the village, which is centered on the main street with the inn as the gathering place of the village. This gives the village the true village soul that characterizes Endrup.


Endrup has several village events that are centered on the sports field, the inn and the playground. The associations are active and contains amongst others; civic association and a sports association.

Population Approx. 200 Location East of Esbjerg

Schools, after-school care (SFO) & clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts. 

Endrup is located in the Fortunaskole school district.


In Grimstrup near Endrup you will find:

  • Egekratskolen Fortuna in Grimstrup with classes from 0-6th grade (4 km from Endrup)
  • Associated after-school care programs (SFO)
  • Youth club

In Bramming near Endrup you will find:


In Vejrup near Endrup you will find:

In Gørding near Endrup you will find:


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Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven enrollment districts. 


In Grimstrup near Endrup you will find:

At this interactive map you can view all your childcare options. 

Read more about childcare here.



There are buses from Vejrup to Esbjerg and the surrounding towns.



Build your own home

Several building sites are for sale in a new residential area. Read more at Esbjerg Municipality homepage.



Welcome Ambassador

You are welcome to contact the Welcome Ambassadors if you are considering a move to Endrup or would like to know more about the local community.


More information

Transportation time by car

3 min.
8 min.
18 min.
Esbjerg City
18 min.
Esbjerg Sports Park
19 min.
Billund Airport
42 min.
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