Central village with border history

Egebæk and Hviding was originally two country settlements that now have grown together around an old border station and a psychiatric hospital, which was housed in the old station and customs buildings from 1923 to 2014.​


Originally, there were two settlements placed on either side of the Danish-German border: Egebæk on the north and Hviding on the south. Today, the old border area binds the village together, and it is the old border area that forms the heart of the village, where you can find the culture and activity center, Wadden Sea School and the village shops.


There are many detached houses in family-friendly neighbourhoods in Egebæk-Hviding, and the young village is characterized by its many new houses in the northwestern part of the settlement (old Egebæk) as well as in the village’s center and former border area. In particular, notable buildings in the village, such as “the castle”, the gendarme house and the hospital, lay testament to its exciting past.


There are many young families living in Egebæk-Hviding and the village has a well functioning association life, where the school, culture, and activity center are focal points.


Attached to the former hospital area, you can find Lunden, which is a forest with small paths frequently used for walks and dog walking.


Population Approx. 1800 Location South of Esbjerg and Ribe

Spirit of the Village

Egebæk-Hviding is a village with well a well-functioning leisure- and association life, and with a broad selection of sports fields. Many actively participate in badminton, football, handball, gymnastics, squash, tennis, swimming, croquet, running club, exercise club, scouts or fitness, for example.


There are regular community activities in the village in the form of concerts, lectures, bingo and community feasts, amongst others. Furthermore, there is an annual city festival and a yearly children’s Christmas celebration.



Establishment of the State Psychiatric Hospital in 1923 in the old station and border buildings meant a significant population growth in Egebæk and Hviding.


School, after-school care (SFO) & clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts. Egebæk-Hviding is located in the Vadehavsskolen district, which has a school branch in Egebæk-Hviding with grades 0-6. Children from Egebæk-Hviding typically attend school in Ribe from grade 7. The area is served by a school bus service to Ribe. 


Vadehavsskolen district is comprised of a main school on Simon Hansensvej in Ribe, as well as a school branch on Haulundvej in Ribe, a branch on Kongeåvej in Gredstedbro and a branch on Egebækvej in Egebæk-Hviding. 


In Egebæk-Hviding, you will find:


In Ribe, near Egebæk-Hviding, you will find:


At this interactive map you can view all schools in the municipality. The search function located at the top right-hand corner allows you to search by address or school name. If you hit the icon "i" in the top menu, you can click the dots on the map to read more about the schools. 

If you wish to see a map that combines information about schools and childcare you can find it here

Read more about school, school districts and enrollment here.





Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven enrollment districts. Egebæk-Hviding is located in the Ribe Syd district.


In Egebæk-Hviding, you will find:

  • Børnehus Syd (kindergarten) as well as a satellite kindergarten in Roager
  • Several daycares



At this interactive map you can view all your childcare options. 

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Train services connect Egebæk-Hviding to Ribe, Bramming and Tønder, as well as buses to Ribe and the surrounding villages.



Building your own home

Building plots are available for sale in the area.

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Welcome Ambassador

You are welcome to contact the following Welcome Ambassador if you are considering a move to Darum or would like to know more about the local community.

Jytte Knudsen,, +45 75 44 58 60.


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